Terms of Service
User Conduct

Be considerate and repectful to others.
Never harass, threaten, or beg from others. Also, please honor anyone's request to cease communication with you.

Keep the site "clean".
Do not post derogatory, racially/religiously offensive, explicit, or illegal content. Content suggesting the murder of any individual is forbidden. Do not spam any area of the site. Spam includes excessive "bumping" of forum posts, chain mails, and advertising in non-designated areas.

Maintain honest and fair conduct.
Do not manipulate site statistics, scam other users, or cheat. This includes but is not limited to: creating multiple accounts and exploiting glitches.

Cooperate with staff.
The Solisles administration may remove any accounts and terminate any services for any reason. Please accept staff decisions and comply with their requests.

Access and post site content at your own risk.
This site caters to users 15+. Some topics/areas of the site are meant for older users (may contain violence, politics, etc.). Minors must make their guardians aware of Solisles's Terms of Service. Solisles cannot be responsible for user-posted content. As a person accessing this site, you agree not to hold Solisles liable for any legal charges,

Forum Rules

All other site rules apply.

Read all "stickied" posts before posting or asking questions in threads or boards.

Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Please try to use accurate English and refrain from using chatspeak.

Privacy Policy

Private information will not be disclosed to any third party unless Solisles must legally defend itself or is required to assist another organization in the event of cheating, hacking, or illegal activity.
Upon registration, Solisles collects users' emails, encrypted passwords, and IP addresses. This information is considered private.

Solisles will not be responsible for information made public by users.
Content submitted via site forums and chats is public. Users must accept full responsibility for their own posts. Administrators and staff may review private messages to ensure compliance with the Terms of Service.

Content and Copyright

The Solisles administration retains sole ownership of all official art/content, art/content related to site concepts, and any content made for the site.
This includes custom adoptables and site suggestions. Solisles may use this content in any way for any purpose.

Solisles art, content, and concepts may be used for personal purposes with credit.
Site content can be displayed on personal websites, etc. However, site content may not be used for commercial purposes. To credit the site, please add "© Solisles" to/beside the work or mention the site on a credits page.

As a person accessing this site, you agree to the above terms. Solisles may change the Terms of Service at any time for any reason.
Welcome to Solisles, a small adoptable site currently in the making! Please stay tuned for more information!

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