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New Training System
Big Grin 
I'm super excited about this new addition to the site! It covers two important "updates":
~ Game-based training
~ Adoptables can be selected from their pages for training (no more dropdown menu hassle)

Game-Based Training:

Solisles will be working to create various games for users to play. Before a game, you can select a creature to "train" at the cost for 20% energy from the critter.  If you do well enough in a game, your creature can earn certain skill points!

The game library only has one right now - Flappy Mimu (the mimu version of Flappy Bird). However, more games are on the way! The next anticipated game is a training version of Word Scramble!

Adoptable Selection:

There are two ways to select an adoptable for training.

The first: By selecting an adoptable from its management page. On the page, there's a new training link beside a soccer icon. This link will bring you to the game library where you can access all the different games. Note: Clicking a game icon will immediately deduct your creature's energy

The second: Going to the training link. If you click a game icon, you'll be directed to a dropdown menu where you can select a pet.

Temporary Link:

This link will change once the second game is released. Then, the games will officially replace the current training page.

Training Games!
The game is a bit hard XD i cannot even get past one obstacle however I love the realistic gravity!!
[Image: 20606964&trans=1.jpg][Image: 4186.gif]
(03-06-2017, 08:18 AM)Rose Gold Wrote: The game is a bit hard XD i cannot even get past one obstacle however I love the realistic gravity!!

Oh dear... I guess I played too much during testing because I eventually became worried that it'd be too easy for you all!
or maybe I'm bad at it ;-;
[Image: 20606964&trans=1.jpg][Image: 4186.gif]
(03-07-2017, 10:56 AM)Rose Gold Wrote: or maybe I'm bad at it ;-;

Are you using a mouse?
yep I am!
[Image: 20606964&trans=1.jpg][Image: 4186.gif]
I get through about five when I'm going good, but often I get through none at all. I use the spacebar, because that's easier for me.
[Image: 4129.gif] 
Ok... seems like the game's pretty hard. I'll make a slight adjustment soon.

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