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where is my pink gingerbread
so looking around everyone has a pink one except for me. why
For Christmas and Christmas Eve, I released three or four alternate gingerbreads into the shelter among the regulars. I made one pink gingerbread for myself.
theres 4 different ones????? will they be back in the shelter next year?
There's only one alternate: the pink ones. All gingerbreads have a chance of becoming alternates, but it's very unlikely. Gingerbreads will be back in future years, but I only released the predetermined alternates to commemorate Solisle's first Christmas.
i wish you had made more have the chance to become pink for the first christmas instead of just 4 only. not nice to have another exclusive game. will i even have a chance to get a pink one next year
As I have already explained, gingerbreads will be available next year and have chances of hatching as alternates.
Can gingerbreads breed at the moment?
[Image: 4129.gif] 
@mouse yes gingerbreads can breed I bread 1 gingerbread with a white mimu and got a gingerbread baby!!

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