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Spell suggestion
I think spells should last for a limited time only because not everyone on this game is willing to spend 500 to cure every mimu with a disease and I noticed tht there are more infected mimus than healthy mimus. I feel like one day the only healthy mimus left on the game are customs or companions.
On the one hand I agree with this, but on the other, I'd like the opportunity to keep a few permanently infected. Perhaps making an option of permanently infecting (with the option of nurse-curing open) would work together with this? Or maybe something else? I dunno, but I'd like to have a certain mimu permanently polkadotified, yet I share your concern in regards to the potential lack of cured creatures.
[Image: 4129.gif] 
what about an option to have a your creatures be either be allowed to get diseased or to never be allowed to get diseased?
I am aware of this. I have already modified the spell system to only have a slight chance of infecting creatures. As for those that are already infected, I may have to cure all creatures for now. For the cost of disinfecting, I'm planning to create a few recipes that can be used as spell cures. The ingredients for these recipes will (mostly) be found by exploring or collecting from the mimu nest.
I have another idea!! Maybe there can be and immunity potion, that mimu will forever be immune from all spells unless you give it another potion to undo the immunity potion? Or a freeze potion for spells this time. It's like what mouse said, the mimu will forever be infected unless cured. (The second on is only if my fist suggestion was implemented, the one about mimus being infected for a limited time only.)
An immunity potion is on the way.

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