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looking for customs
i would like to have at least one of every custom. im willing to trade solisles, dragcave, chickensmoothie and valley of unicorns for them.
what's your cs username and what are you willing to offer? I'm planning on making a custom after the problem with customs are fixed
my username on chickensmoothie is CellyBean same as on here and im willing to trade any doubles of pets that i have (which is quite a bit)
customs are pretty expensive and they take a lot of time and effort to make. The only thing on my wl that you have are common hamsters that you probably will not trade because you have no doubles.. Can you send me a suggestion on what you will offer? Or do you want to wait for me to finish the custom?
what about most of my uncommon pets in my trade group? would that work?
nope sorry

I don't need uncommon below. I end up gifting them to newer users and they have no value to me
rare space event pets or some extra christmas event pets?
do you have store pets?
no i dont have any real life money to spend on games unfortunately which is why im hoping to trade for the stuff i need
I have 100+ C$ and I never spent real money on it. Just sold all the pets I don't need.

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