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Solisles Custom Challenge
In light of one of the recent discussions on the mechanics of the site's custom system, I have decided to hold some sort of test/challenge. To participate, just draw me two full sets (all growth stages) of custom mimus: 

The first would be made in an attempt to mimic the site's official style as closely as possible.

The second should be drawn in your preferred style (it can be your own).

Depending on the decided mechanics of the custom system, I will approve all eligible entries as official site customs. Other than site bases, these should be your own work. Please be aware of our art policy and do not post any offensive content. You can use these site bases to help you: Here

Good luck!
is there an end date for this?
(12-31-2016, 04:15 PM)Rose Gold Wrote: is there an end date for this?

The custom system has to be finalized before Solisles opens for beta. That should be sometime in 2017. Entries must be submitted by then. If there are no entries, I will use the "Customs and Breeding" thread in the feedback forum to aid in making a decision.
[Image: 2rc0unr.png]

I don't have all 3 stages yet. Only this. I was no sure if I'll be able to finish on time so I'll just post this here for now.

I made stage 1
[Image: 4lsfhj.png]
The colors I used are not final yet. I just chose them so it's easier to see the edits that I did.
@Rose Gold
I'm surprised you were even concerned about struggling with the base. They look nice so far. >^.^<
Just one thing I want to check: It seems like one of the layers for the antennae got increased/decreased to a darker/lighter opacity. Is this intentional?
oh O.O I just noticed that.. I will fix it when I have time.

And thank you >u< these cuties turned out A LOT better than I expected. I struggled a bit at first but I studied how you shaded the fluff and try to mimik it.
@Rose Gold I already told you I like your custom, but your avatar is pretty awesome. :3

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