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Customs and Breeding
Hello everyone! Well, I've been thinking about this issue (after someone brought it up) and I feel that I really need some honest feedback to help me out.

How do you all feel about breedable customs?
This is the status quo on the site right now - you can breed your customs at the same rate and probability that you can any other creature.

The main reason I wanted customs to be breedable was to facilitate "custom exchanges" on the site and encourage new mimu ideas... but I am aware of a few possible issues.

Because they are breedable, the site can easily become flooded with customs that don't match the official art style (particularly the daycare, petting zoo, and shelter).

I'm perfectly fine with consistent customs like this flooding the site - just because it blends in with the native style.
[Image: MatchSample.png]

I'm a bit worried about ones that look like this though.
[Image: NoMatchSample.png]

But the thing is that I love user-drawn Solisles critters, so I really don't want to be super strict.

I came up with some proposals/options:

1) We stick to the status quo and just breed customs, but I'll be very particular about the style for breedables. Ones that are entirely user-drawn or are too different in style won't be breedable.

2) No customs are breedable. With this though, I'm very worried that there will be extra incentive to "draw your own" and lowered prices could lead to the same style-inconsistency problem.

3) I can make customs unbreedable but allow orders for "copies" of the same breed at a discounted price. I'm still a bit worried about extras floating around, but at least this limits mass breeding and mass pounding.

Anyone have other suggestions? Thoughts? The custom system is a very important feature of Solisles, so please share your honest concerns!
One day Solisles will have more members and there's no doubt that there will be custom mimus that don't look like the traditional mimu. I think the third one is the best however allowing players to make more copies is almost the same as breeding so perhaps you can make a limit to how many copies one can make?
What about having two versions of customs - a breedable and an unbreedable? The breedable ones would have stricter regulations in regards to style and quality, while the unbreedables could be more lax.
[Image: 4129.gif] 
Just curious, do you both care about your creature being having lineages/no lineage?
Well since there's not really any lineage page, I don't really care too much about lineage vs no lineage. There might be some where I particularly want it to have parents of specific types, and other times when I specifically want a no-lineage caterpillar, but overall, not particularly fussed about it. Smile
[Image: 4129.gif] 
I honestly don't care if the creatures had lineages or none. I have the same opinion woth mouse, sometimes I want to see the creature's lineage and sometimes not.

On Flight rising there's a thing called first generation dragons, they have no parents and they're hard to obtain. If ever the creatures did have lineages I feel like the people might think that older/original creatures are rarer. I'm not that sure though..
@Rose Gold and Mouserpillar

What do you both think about a hybrid between the third option and Mouserpillar's breedable/non-breedable idea?
In such a system, there will be two available custom options: breedable and non-breedable. Breedables will be more expensive but will have stricter regulations. However, copies can be ordered for both kinds of customs.
I think that could work Smile

so the breedable custom has to be approved by a mod or you before it is officially added?
(01-01-2017, 04:05 AM)Rose Gold Wrote: I think that could work Smile

so the breedable custom has to be approved by a mod or you before it is officially added?

All customs will need to be approved (I'll come up with a specific edits policy) but breedables will have much stricter style requirements. I've been wondering if I should create an actual form or use the forums to approve/reject.

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