Making a Custom: Breedable or Unique?
There are two different types of customs users can create: Breedable Customs and Unique Customs. Although both cost the same amount of Dream Essence, each type has its own requirements, conditions, and special perks.

Breedable Customs

Breedable Customs, as the name suggests, can be bred just like regular creatures. However, these customs must follow stricter regulations. Unlike Unique Customs, they must be made using provided site bases or drawn in a style that matches official site art. Customs made with the bases can be modified, but any changes must be made using the site's lineless art style.

Unique Customs

Unique Customs may be drawn in any art style so long as they adhere to general anatomy requirements. They do not need to use a premade base can thus be more personalized. However, they cannot be bred. There will only ever be one member of each Unique Custom Species as they don't produce offspring.

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